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At Abstract Solutions we collaborate with leading vendors of modelling and system generation tool providers to bring our customers unparalleled comprehensive support for their development projects.

IBM provides a full range of offerings to meet the needs of small,midsized and large business. IBM ensures software and system delivery success through practical, reliable, and extensible components. Designed with the needs of small and midsize business users in mind, IBM® provides flexible time saving technologies designed for day-one productivity, high-fidelity results, and costs savings.  IBM® Rhapsody® Architect for Software provides a software development environment for real time and embedded software development based on UML/SysML.

As an IBM Business Partner, Abstract Solutions provide systems and software design expertise to facilitate the adoption of Rhasody® into a model driven software engineering process.


Tri-Pacific Software, Inc. is the premier provider of real-time scheduling solutions to customers building real-time and embedded products. Tri-Pacific products are used in a variety of real-time, safety critical and embedded systems applications including automotive control, avionics, defence electronics, wireless and satellite communications, manufacturing and others.

RAPID RMA is a modelling and analysis tool suite based on a mathematically provable scheduling methodology that will ensure systems meet all of their deadlines, all of the time. RapidRMA for IBM® Rhapsody® allows the user to capture the timing requirements for their system in a UML design and perform a schedulability analysis within the IBM® Rhapsody® tool.

Abstract Solutions is the European distributor for RAPID RMA and through our partnership with Tri-Pacific is able to offer unparalleled support to our customers for the development of real-time systems.

As our system and software models increase in size and complexity, in keeping with the increasing capabilities now being embedded into deployed systems, it is vital to have a cost-effective and automated means to certify those models and the systems that are generated from them.
By using a combination of consultation and modelling coupled with licenced software, D-RisQ achieves the highest levels of assurance while not suffering from the prohibitively high costs normally associated with applying formal verification.

Successfully used in the certification of the Flight Control Computer of the Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft, D-RisQ will enable you to formally verify your system software and dramatically reduce associated costs without any compromise.


Real-Time Innovations (RTI) provides the integration infrastructure for hundreds of real-time applications in industries such as defense, financial services and industrial control. RTI is the world's leading provider of embedded middleware and of middleware that complies with the Object Management Group (OMG) Data Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems standard (DDS).

Abstract Solutions’ partnership with RTI provides DDS users with system and data modelling expertise to enable them to design their DDS based architecture, and integration services that improve interoperability between the IBM® Rhapsody® toolset and DDS.

Abstract Solutions is a member of NMI which is the trade association representing the UK Electronic Systems, Microelectronics and Semiconductor Communities. The objective of NMI is to aid the continual development of a sustainable and world-leading industry in the UK.



itemis is a consulting company with a focus on methods for the efficient development of complex software systems. Topics such as model driven software development, systems engineering, (agile) processes and software architecture constitute the main areas of activity.

This partnership agreement provides Abstract Solutions with local language resources for the development of Abstract Solutions opportunities in the German, Austrian and Swiss markets where consulting and training services will be delivered by Abstract Solutions.